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Announcing a new book by The Old Scientist:

Eyewitness to the Origins:

All Biblical Origin Accounts Combined

The Chronicle of Existence from Eternity Past to Eternity Future

Scientific Evidence of the Supernatural Authorship of the Bible


By Max B. Frederick, An Old Scientist


Third Edition was released November, 2008.  To read more about it and obtain a copy from the publisher, Click here.


What The Bible Really Says About Creation

In the bible are many accounts of creation, not just the one up front.  

Never Before have all the creation accounts of the bible been combined into one timeline.  


The scientific facts recorded in these accounts have been unrecognized or misinterpreted by theologians and scientists for centuries.  Neither scientists nor theologians had even imagined what God witnessed and revealed in the bible because they had yet to discover these same truths for themselves.  This record of pre-knowledge of what was to be discovered is scientific evidence of the supernatural authorship of the bible.

Now you can believe the bible because of science rather than in spite of science.

As this book is being written, modern science is independently discovering those same facts concerning the chronology of the pre-historic past of the universe, this planet earth, the atmosphere, the filling of the oceans, the emergence of the continents the list goes on.

Long ago the Intelligence, Wisdom, and Power of God created the universe in a "Big Blowout". 

Thousands of years ago God personally described that event to Job. 

Less than a century ago modern science discovered the "Big Blowout." 

In 1950 The term, "Big Bang" was coined by astrophysicist Fred Hoyle as a tem of derision for those who believed there was actually a beginning. 

Less than a decade ago, in 2006 modern scientists at Goddard Space Flight Center photographed the glow from the first generation stars produced by that "Big Bang." 

That actual photograph is what you see on the cover of this book.


Long ago this planet earth was completely covered by ocean. 

All mountains were under water. 

Thousands of years ago, God personally described to Job, the emergence of the land (continents) from below the surface of the oceans. 

Much later, but still about three thousand five hundred of years ago Moses published a vivid description of this in the second verse of the bible: "And the land was not formed.  There was none..." (MOST.)  

Over three thousand years ago, in one of those bible creation accounts, King David listed this event along with many other re-discoveries to be made by modern science.

Whoever in modern science first re-discovered the emergence of the continents from below the water covering this planet is quite unclear.  But the universities across the land are beginning to teach that the earth was once covered by water and the continents later emerged to be above sea level.  But the bible published it all, thousands of years ago.

Those facts, and more, are all recorded in the bible in the correct order, the order that modern science is now independently confirming and we watch as it happens.

Combining all the bible accounts of the origins reveals a detailed chronology of existence from Eternity Past to Eternity Future.  It reveals dozens of scientific details unrecognized by humanity until modern science recently independently discovered those same facts. 




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A Science and The Bible Discussion Group meeting is hosted by The Old Scientist at his home in Central Point, Oregon.   All ages are welcome from High School Students to senior citizens as well as serious Jr. High students.

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Science and the Bible
The Great Need

Eyewitness to the Origins: 

Scientific Evidences for the Supernatural Authorship of the Bible:; 

The Chronicle of Existence from Eternity Past to Eternity Future; 

All Bible Accounts Combined.


An Introduction to Eyewitness to the Origins by The Old Scientist Himself.


Every year churches across America send their best and brightest high school graduates off to secular colleges.  The attrition rate is high.  Many are lost.  It is like their roots are not deep into the soil of the word.  In reality, the pseudo science they have been taught in church is easily refuted, and they loose confidence in the credibility of all they have been taught about the bible. This is a needless waste.


Some people say there is no need for a Christian to study a comparison of science and the bible.  They say, "If the bible says it, I believe it.  Thats enough for me."  Some people say it is a waste of time that should be used evangelizing.  Others seem to take the position that the bible is truth and that Jesus claim that, "I am the way, the truth, and the life"  is the definition of truth and anything else that claims to be true is a perversion of the meaning of the word truth  And, besides, even if  "my" interpretation of the bible is not how God did it, He has the power, He could have done it that way if He had wanted to.


But I say:  What about the thousands, perhaps hundreds of thousands, of our brightest young Christians that every year lose their faith due to this head in the sand attitude?  They go to college.  They learn that what they have been taught by well meaning Christians is pseudo science.  They are ridiculed to shame.  They look and feel stupid.  They give Christianity a bad name among thinking people.  They turn their backs on the religion of their parents.  Isn't that a vast mission field?  They could have been lights in this dark segment of our society, if only they had known the truth.


For too long, in the name of Christianity, we have been teaching science that is not true.  For too long we have believed that the Christian theologians interpretation of the bible is truth no matter what scientists say.  For too long we have been taught that scientists are wrong, if they do not agree with our interpretation of the facts.  That is not what the bible teaches.  The bible teaches that God created man to be a creature that was capable of recognizing the greatness of the creation of God by first hand observation of the creation.  That creatures purpose is to glorify God by virtue of the fact that he actually does recognize the greatness of God.  Not only is God truth, but his creation is true, and reveals the greatness of the creator, even to those who have no other source of this truth.


But, "What is truth?" you say.  Webster defines truth to be that which is in accord with fact or reality.  When Jesus said "I am the way, the truth and the life,"  He was saying that Jesus is the way, Jesus is that which is in accord with fact and reality, Jesus is life.  In other words, Jesus is not some far out concept that is out of touch with reality.  He does not ask you to believe something that is not true. He is down to earth and is compatible with everything else that is true.  Truth is truth, whether it is found in the bible, or found in science.  There is no discrepancy between truth found in the bible and truth from any outside source.  No one needs to fear the truth of science.  "You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free."


 The argument is not between science and the bible, the argument is between the interpretations of scientists and the interpretations of theologians.  Neither of them have a monopoly on the truth.  It is not until the facts of science and the facts of the bible are seen to agree that one can be assured that either one has interpreted the truth correctly.  Most scientists will not agree to be bound by that statement, but will agree that they are, in reality looking for the valid truth.  Most current theologians have never considered that statement because they believe their interpretation of the bible is true in spite of contradiction by the facts of science.


Know full well:  I am not proposing a compromise with the theory of evolution.  The bible clearly states that living beings are the product of Gods creative design.  Living beings did not, and do not, arise spontaneously.  Science has discredited spontaneous generation many years ago.  The facts of science, in agreement with the bible, indicate that no matter how much time you give it, evolution cannot cause spontaneous generation of life forms.


On the other hand, I am proposing that many of the supposedly scientific interpretations of what the bible says,  interpretations by well meaning Christian theologians, are not truth.  They are not a correct interpretation of what the bible does say.  In the long run, to the thinking mind, they bring into question the credibility of everything else these theologians teach.  They lead many of our brightest young Christians to question their very faith.  We can not afford this waste.  We must teach truth to the salvation of these potentially lost souls.


Many scientific sounding pronouncements, taught by well meaning theologians, are not what the bible says and, quite frankly, are not true.  They are false, pseudo science, junk science.  Examples range from the canopy theory to the assertion that if you say everything was not created within the time span of one hundred forty four hours, (six, twenty-four hour days,) you make Jesus a liar.  These are blatant distortions of what the bible truly says. 


On the other hand, the bible is rich with examples of scientific truths known centuries before modern science is credited with their discovery.  These instances, correctly interpreted, give great credibility to the claim of the bible to having a supernatural source.  These are the inspiration for the writing of this book.  These are the things that excite the author.  These are the truths that will lend credibility to the teachings of the bible among the thinking scholars.  These are the supernatural truths of the bible that cannot be denied by scoffers.  These are the truths a bright young Christian can hold on to in the face of ridicule.  These are the truths that will give Christians a good name among thinking scholars.  These truths have the power to save the faith of our best and brightest young people

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